Bulk purchasing


Cost reduction through bulk purchasing

Bulk discounts

Cut costs by buying in bulk, whatever the volume

Free shipping

Avail fast reliable shipping and one point delivery services on bulk orders.


Customization on our products as per your requirement.

Diverse product line

Order almost any product in bulk! Discover our range of products available at volume discounts, including BYD exterior and interior accessories. Expand your product range and maximize your savings.

Premium quality products and service

Your products will go through a 3-step quality check to ensure everything’s correct. Get bulk orders that meet your expectations with only a 0.24% reshipment rate.

Case packs and pallets

Our B2B-specific selection makes it easier and more convenient for business customers to buy large quantities of a single product in case packs or pallets.

Experienced transportation management team

Variety of transportation options to balance cost and speed. Reliable shipping partners, so your orders are delivered by the world's most trusted couriers with traceable shipping.

Save up to 60% on your bulk orders with TOP BYD
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A bulk order means the buyer purchases large quantities of the same product in a single order.

At TOP BYD a bulk order starts at 10 items.

Volume discounts are dependent on product quantities and specific products, please contact our service team for details.

It’s cheaper because bulk purchasing is more cost-effective for suppliers. Buying bulk items enables lower unit prices for production and operational costs. We use those savings to reduce your order cost.

We have a number of different brands of auto accessory companies, as well as our own production factories, relying on the advantages of China's well-established supply chain, manufacturing costs are extremely low.

If you have a picture of a product you would like to order in bulk, please email our customer service team at support@topbyd.com to order. Our customer service team is also available to answer any questions you may have.

Ready to buy in bulk and save up to 60%?

Write to us at: support@topbyd.com or fill the form below.

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