BYD Yangwang U8 officially opened for pre-order, pre-order price $159,637

At the opening of the Shanghai Auto Show today, the BYD Yangwang U8 was officially opened for pre-sale, with a total of 1,098,000 RMB ($159,637) for the Luxury and Off-Road editions available in advance.

The Luxury Edition is equipped with 22-inch forged rims, electric retractable pedals, five screens inside the car, a total of 38 high-precision sensing elements, and equipped with intelligent driving assistance system; while the Off-Road Player Edition, equipped with a thermal management system more suitable for off-road conditions, increased AT tires, near and far infrared night vision system, roof racks, wading hoses, and also equipped with the industry's first on-board satellite communication, optional on-board Drones, for more hardcore players.

The Yangwang U8 is a new energy hardcore off-road vehicle with a family-style design "Gate of Time and Space", a huge "H" grille on the front, dot matrix LED light sources on both sides, electric hidden door handles, a tough rear end, an external spare tire in the center, and an "L" rear end. The rear of the car has an "L" shape and dot matrix layout of LED light source, which is very recognizable.

U8 length, width and height are 5319/2050/1930mm, wheelbase 3050mm, positioning full-size SUV, the aura is very powerful, interior design, the new car uses a new design language to create, the middle of the large screen using the mosaic style, the passenger side there is a large screen, while the overall traditional luxury style, 7-seat layout, using the 2 + 2 + 3 way.

U8 is equipped with BYD's newly developed easy "e⁴" technology platform, which can realize four motors independent control, limit anti-skid control and body stability control. U8 with this technology has a 0-100km/h acceleration performance in 3 seconds, while it can realize a variety of amazing functions that ordinary cars cannot have, such as turn-around-in-place and flat tire control.

In addition, the U8 will also be equipped with BYD's own developed Yunjian-P body control system, which can realize multi-stage suspension variable stiffness adjustment capability by using hydraulic buffer accumulator, and the body control system suspension adjustment stroke can reach 200mm, with camping leveling, four-wheel linkage and four-wheel independent adjustment characteristics, which can take into account the all-round needs of users in different driving scenarios.