10 Must-Have Best BYD Seal Accessories

BYD Seal

This article covers the best products, parts, and accessories for your new BYD Seal. These items are not only recommended based on rigorous testing to ensure they are the best for BYD Seal owners, but they also receive high praise from our customers.

The Seal lacks many accessories that I believe should have been included, and almost everyone would benefit from having these essential add-ons. Therefore, you may find yourself needing to purchase these necessary accessories. Another category of accessories is upgrades—these enhance the car's comfort, functionality, or visual appeal to some degree, offering a more personalized touch. Let's explore all the exciting gear!

1. Vehicle Mounted Dash Cam for BYD

Due to varying safety regulations in different countries, BYD has removed this camera from models sold in several regions.

Although the image quality of this BYD original part may not match that of third-party aftermarket cameras, it provides automotive-grade reliability in extreme cold and heat.

This camera is currently our best-selling product and frequently goes out of stock, highlighting its popularity. I believe it is an essential accessory for every BYD owner, unparalleled in its importance.

2. Lower Center Console Storage Box for BYD Seal

A huge storage space is provided at the bottom of the center console of the BYD Seal, but after using it for a long time you will find some crumbs and dirt that you can't clean.

The lower storage box is designed to solve this problem. Moreover, the Lower Storage Box has partitioned the space so that small objects placed there won't run around and make noise while you are driving.

3. Center Console Organizer Tray for BYD Seal

The armrest box of the BYD Seal also offers a lot of space, but he is basically a very deep cave.

The interior of the storage box center armrest box is made to be layered and it allows you to quickly find what you need,, to keep the interior of your armrest box organized.

Again, this is a must-have accessory that I think BYD should offer on his new cars. 

4. Luxury Leather Car Key Case Cover Fob Shell for BYD

Like the first product we recommended, the BYD Key Fob Protector is purely a maintenance choice. The keys that come with our cars often need to be carried around and with us for many years, which can cause wear and tear on them if you don't take better care of them. So why not get a protective cover to extend its life as long as possible?

This leather key cover specifically designed for BYD has a nice look for a good feel, and is also available in a variety of colors to choose from. We believe it will make your keys last as long as new.

5. Navigation Touch Screen Protector for BYD Seal

With car screens becoming larger and integrating more functions, we now need to use the central screen to control various features.

This brings up an issue: dust on your fingers can scratch the screen, causing damage (don't underestimate the hardness of dust particles). Most car owners purchase a screen protector to prevent scratches.

The best screen protectors are made from 9H tempered glass. We prefer a matte finish to reduce glare and fingerprints. A touchscreen protector is a quick and affordable accessory that can protect your BYD’s features and reduce occasional annoying glare and fingerprints.

6. Eyeglass Case for BYD Seal

BYD seems to have followed suit after Tesla introduced their electric cars, and now many automakers no longer include an eyeglass holder. It's important to note that most drivers equip themselves with anti-glare glasses.

Glasses cannot be stored with other items; they need a dedicated space. As a result, most people order an eyeglass holder for their car after delivery.

This eyeglass holder is available in ABS and suede-covered materials. The suede option blends seamlessly with the BYD Seal's headliner, which is why it is the choice of 98% of Seal owners.

7. XPE Floor Mats & Trunk Mat for BYD Seal

Rubber floor mats are a great investment. They not only make it easier to clean the Seal’s floors but also help maintain the car’s original condition.

Floor mats can protect your carpets from snow, ice, mud, and dirt. These all-weather waterproof mats are very easy to remove and clean, offering protection for every part of your BYD Seal, from the trunk to the frunk.

Due to current supplier circumstances, right-hand drive owners can only order XPE floor mats, while left-hand drive owners can only order heavy-duty TPE floor mats.

8. Brushed Aluminum Performance Pedals for Seal

This is an inexpensive modification that can truly add a lot of value and appearance to your Seal. While replacing the Seal's pedals won't actually improve its performance (sad face), it does provide a nice sporty enhancement to the driver's side of the cabin.

High-performance pedal covers made from rubber and aluminum alloy not only look sleek and clean but also offer some extra grip.

9. Puddle Lights for BYD

All four doors of the BYD Seal are equipped with puddle lights. These lights are located at the bottom of each door, illuminating the ground in dark conditions to help avoid puddles and other obstacles.

A simple upgrade that anyone can do is to purchase new puddle lights that project images onto the ground. These lights come in a variety of designs.

The upgraded lights are very bright, and the patterns are clearly visible, making your Seal stand out at night. This upgrade can significantly enhance its ambiance and overall driving experience.

The accessories listed above are ranked by popularity, but you can choose based on your own needs and preferences. Each one can make your BYD Seal more practical and enjoyable.

From essential items like screen protectors and rubber floor mats to stylish upgrades like high-performance pedal covers and custom puddle lights, these accessories are designed to protect your investment and personalize your ride.